Mind over matter

We wait for a new day

Hopping it's better

In fact 

That shit is never clever

While we wait we hesitate 

Trying to imagine what we want

Our life we debate 

In the mist of our mind

We will find all the wrongs 

When we are down

We only frown 

Blanking out 

The positive sound

It's easy to envision the worst

We cry so often 

We may feel cursed 

What's worse?

We all seek power in our life's

Some will struggle just to get by

While others seem to have it easy

Were always comparing 

Our stomach left queasy 


The rain will fall and in the cold you should stay

Once you keep thinking in a negative way


We all have power

But we refuse to use

Much rather stay bitter while others stay confused 

But if we used what we wore given 

We would realise that this life could be our heaven 


With all the doom and gloom you transpire 

You realise you have the potential to fly even higher 

Remove the batterys from your clock

And remind your self your time won't stop

Let go of pressure 

Let go of it all

Smile and remember you to will get trew it all no matter how big or how small.

Life will always go on 


◄ Time is precious

No time to pause ►


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lisa donohoe

Thu 5th Sep 2019 13:45

Thank you j. Your words of encouragement are always welcome x

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 5th Sep 2019 13:06

I've often thought it's funny how as you go through life from childhood to old age, you go through stages of knowing nothing, to thinking you've got it all sussed to eventually realising that you really haven't.
Shades of grey are all there are, and an open mind is the best we can do.
Really liked this Lisa.

J. x

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lisa donohoe

Thu 5th Sep 2019 12:19

Spot on Keith ❤
Thank you kindly for your comment.
It's quiet easy for someone to only see the black and white in life. But once you introduce the grey into your vision; it's clear to see we all struggle.
And every struggle is indeed the same. It may not appear that way ' but the emoctions behind the struggles are felt by all

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keith jeffries

Thu 5th Sep 2019 11:47


Words truly spoken which are well phrased to encourage us all. The line, "while others seem to have it easy" are good but in reality people often use camouflage to conceal their difficulties. We are all on a roller coaster of highs and lows.

A good poem and thank you

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