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Tuning In

to want to
be a sign-board
sandwiched between
soapbox points of view;
ugly, of a wrong energy
& malignant
a megaphone
announcing how to
live your life like mine with
a hidden agenda of personal
gratification, grandeur, and glory
that only just wanted to be the first,
one-up on everybody else, know it all,
(((((((((()))))))))))))) I noticed (((((((((())))
I was really onl...

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Sand Castles

there is a hurt that heals
there is an ache that soothes
there is deceit that clarifies
there is a snag that smooths
there is a fact that falsifies
there is a wisdom, dumb
there is credit that disqualifies
there is a royal bum

what seems to be only one way
in another can be gained
to determine what’s before us
is the fashion it’s explained

therefore from hard conclusions
and opini...

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Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor


One thing this plague has taught us

Is that close proximity can be lethal

You could be a carrier of ideas

Asymptomatic in their spread

Just your unthoughtful actions

Triggering others to violence


You could infringe on the personal space

Of other people’s beliefs

Carelessly trampling over them

By thinking only of your own gratification


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Our opinions, they are always changing,
And may be neither right nor wrong, 
And what one someone says is weak today,
Next they could say that it is strong.

Opinions are not definitive, 
And are not set in stone. 
What one may think is wonderful, 
Another may think of it and groan.

Opinions govern all our lives,
For they decide for whom we vote. 
And when it comes to elec...

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Many sides of the truth

Why do things have to be only one way
Do you really believe we experience the same days?
Our lives take different twists and turns
And most of all we all truly do learn
So will you listen to me when I tell you
That your experiences are only one truth?
Your knowledge might truly be great
But it doesn't foretell everyone's fate
When I write, it's from one kind of perspective
But I am not sa...

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Opinions are not Fact

We debate over opinions
As if they are a fact
We argue like it means something 
Its really quite an act
If you were to read, not Google
You'd look a lot less daft
But here we are, debating
Over opinions, as if they are a fact

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What is it like to be jailed for writing songs?

What is it like to be locked up for having an opinion?

What is it like to want freedom and say you want it?

What is it like to actually do something about it, your lust for freedom?

What is it like to stand up for your opinions and be jailed?

For four and six years.

In some cases, a dozen.

What is like...

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