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Every person is quite unique. 
They can be boisterous or they can be meek 
With different thoughts and different ideas. 
With different pleasures and different fears.

Different views and different perceptions. 
Different beliefs and misconceptions. 
Different dreams. Different ambitions. 
Different roles and different positions.

Some may be reclusive, some are outgoing. 
Some may be i...

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DifferencesStuart Vanner

Many sides of the truth

Why do things have to be only one way
Do you really believe we experience the same days?
Our lives take different twists and turns
And most of all we all truly do learn
So will you listen to me when I tell you
That your experiences are only one truth?
Your knowledge might truly be great
But it doesn't foretell everyone's fate
When I write, it's from one kind of perspective
But I am not sa...

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