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Many sides of the truth

Why do things have to be only one way
Do you really believe we experience the same days?
Our lives take different twists and turns
And most of all we all truly do learn
So will you listen to me when I tell you
That your experiences are only one truth?
Your knowledge might truly be great
But it doesn't foretell everyone's fate
When I write, it's from one kind of perspective
But I am not saying it's the life everyone lives
What my poems tend to contain
Are feelings and battles that cause other's strain
For you my tales may not be the same
But for someone else, it truly could save
So although we all like to debate and critique
Remember that my words are just one reality 


differencesexperienceindivivisualno right or wrongopinionspoetryrhymesome people relate others do nottake it with a pinch of saltUnique

◄ The "C", forever with me.

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Thu 16th Aug 2018 20:24

My current mental health makes that difficult. I really take things personally and to heart or as an attack because my anxiety is through the roof. Thus why I've ended up taking a small break from here. Intense pain brings out the worst emotions

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Sat 11th Aug 2018 14:01

Ferris, you are right there. After all the backlash and comments yesterday almost as if trying to disregard the entire contents of my poem, based on personal opinions...I needed to set this straight.

For the first time on here I almost felt as if I was being cornered by multiple people with no one actually trying to listen. Even had people un-liking once I explained as well, which seems petty. Especially over opinions.

My poem Opinions are not fact also comes to mind here haha.

Thank you Jane , Taylor and Wendy! I really appreciate you commenting. I am glad you like and understand this poem... at least today's going significantly better from the get go than yesterday. Hahah ? have a good day people

<Deleted User> (19836)

Sat 11th Aug 2018 12:38

In a word...BRAVO!?

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 11th Aug 2018 08:35

Hi Hayley, It is so true. All the experiences we have in life come from our own perspective.
3 people same room, same time, 3 different
recollections.. Thank you for sharing..?

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Sat 11th Aug 2018 08:04

A very true Poem Haley and very good . My poems come from experiences I have had and found over the years love Wendy x

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