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THE YEZEDI GENOCIDE 2014 Mount Sinjar Iraq

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Our peacock-angel faces shine

In this fierce Mesopotamian sun:

We survived the Byzantines: the Greeks.

Assyrian Christians became our friends.

We traded with the Jews of Nineveh and saw

The Ottomans rise and fall.

We are the Êzidî, our first year was 4,750 years before

The crucifixion in Jerusalem.

Some say we have been here forever, like the sun.

We pray to Holy Be...

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This stick named Outrage
Is what stirs the masses
Rousing them in anger
Rail against injustices
Wolves in Yellowstones
Gangs in L.A.
Genocide in Africa
Trouble in Latvia, or
Slums in Mumbai.
And while anger is better than fear
This focus remains on the problems
And so the problems remain.
How then to drop that stick,
And let our focus be guided
To solutions?
To set our sails instead

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AfricagenocideLatviaLos AngeleslovemanipulationmassesMumbaiOutrageproblemsolutionyellowstone

The Hangman of Prague

In the days of war and Nazi conquest

Deep in the heart of the Third Reich

Was a man so cold and ruthless

That the fuhrer proclaimed had a heart of Iron


Hangman Heydrich ruled a nation

Of several million innocent Czechs

Controlling them with an Iron grip

Signs of resistance spelled their death


Himmlers deputy performed with efficiency

The darker pa...

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genocidesecond world warTyranny

Promoting democracy

A rain of death is falling in Ramses Square

There's something perceptively evil in the air

Perhaps it's the word Moslem

That excuses the eagle from treating them less like men

I saw him, unarmed pleading hands outstretched in front of the tank

The rifle raised these bastards are not firing blanks

What code, what right is invoked that separates crime from state

What t...

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the hindu kush

mountains of the moon

and the valleys where we lived

with the fairies and the spirits of the wood


we bred the shen - the bravest of the horse tribe -

and grew the scented root - the Yu-kin -

we had our coins - copper, silver, gold -

and our open-faced beautiful women


they dressed so colourfully in furs and wool

loved as they wished


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