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Ode To The Lazy And Ignorant Who Scoff At The Truth

Dark are these times the world's gone mad,
Its all gonna end soon and I'm kinda glad,
As I sit here alone in a state of isolation,
The world has been deceived in a sea of indoctrination,
Oh how we've been lied to on a scale so grand,
It's hard to comprehend so let me help you understand,
MK Ultra, Paperclip, Nine-Eleven and Blue-beam,
There's so much deception that it feels like dream,

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ConspiraciesConspiracy TheoriesDeceptiongenocideIgnoranceLiesSheepSheepleslient warfareTruth

Back in High School

entry picture

It's blurry most times, my

bitter memories of a lonely

childhood on a leash my 

head hung up on being loved

and accepted by anyone that

I never questioned

the world around me only

listened to the summary then 

upon my realization of an 

infinite probability

my burdens not real, fabricated

I'm out and not squashed

and hated these words with

not but still they ...

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critical thinkingfree thoughthigh schoolignoranceindependence


This piece comes from an exhibition of the work of celebrated Australian artist and sculptor Brett Whiteley. Parts of his enormous masterwork "Alchemy" can be found on the cover artwork of Dire Straits' album of the same name. A long-term drug user, he died in 1992 from a heroin overdose.



A metaphor for clear technique,

the Gallery (patrolled, secure,

well-scrubbed, ...

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Who said reusable resources are a modern invention? Rubbish!



It's said that no-one should ever die wondering

on which road to travel, how not to go blundering

in dangerous places, when it's best to be pondering

why the rain plays its tricks, why there's no distant thundering. . . .


As the years pass us by we add to our history,

little by little we work out...

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Castle Street (food festival)

entry picture


The food festival, be-tented nosh

oh my God, oh golly gosh.


Ambling up the cobbled street

crumbs and spillage about the feet,

the vicar, the drunk, the tart and cad,

“best yet we’ve ever had”


Traffic diverts around the town

Uber drivers chowing down,

homemade jam and handmade honey

industrial bees are worth our money. 


Twice a year we worship this


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Food festivalGreedIgnorance

It's you

Your sure fire

absolute certainty of journey

route, sustenance, kit,

plans, patterns, foresight,

well thought through reports,

talks on survival skills;

led an expedition into a pit.


Your only hope is,

whilst executing your ideas,

they kept a little something back

to save themselves.


They scramble for air

in hope that there are safer paths.

You sit ...

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Dehumanise to survive

entry picture


He wondered when he might stop

when he might allow himself not to worry,

like a tide ignoring the moon

breaking the cycle of expectant nature.


Things happen, bad things,

what was it to anyone that he should care?

all succumb, all fail and die,

to postpone the inevitable with compassion,




No, enough now, 

enough of this crusading, 

for the be...

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entry picture


The delivery system avoided attention

abiding by rules laid down in convention,

but what stifled their breath and took it away

was the invisible death ingested that day.


The media pictures of a spluttering end

flashed round the globe designed to offend,

and something so small that the eye couldn't see

awakened a monster in the land of the free. 


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We burn

entry picture


Pylons, like join the dots for god,

stepping metalled tiptoes 

over pond life and through the sod.


Linkedin for power sharing

tentacles course through walls,

they keep us warm and sheltered

they light our civic halls


Their younger care-free siblings

look down on them from high,

while out at sea unseen others 

wave as ships pass by.


And higher st...

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You came and swept me off my feet

Before I even had the chance to breathe

I went in way too deep


You took me up a little too high

I never told you I couldn’t fly

And when you let go, I’ll meet the earth

Smashing; with gravity’s force


The stars in the sky

The stars in your eyes

All the bright lights made me blind

I promised myself, but look where I am



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A celebration

entry picture

The mothers dresses swirl

on evening’s breeze in perfumed air

while younger children twirl

spun proud by fathers, free of care 


My chest is small though broad enough

to carry all I need

I’ll walk into the middle

a hundred souls to free


Step by step I enter

hair ruffled by joyous hands

and I have travelled far

too far to change their plans


At vacan...

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The impatient lighthouse

An intermittent rotating light,

broken once in every cycle.


What’s out there?

moving closer,


Does it see danger?


Why is it not turning away?

these rocks will smash its hull,

does it see the light?


The light drives out the void,

yet, in its absence 

the void comes closer.


A beacon built to warn,

anchored fast

in solid ground,


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blindnessdangerFearfutile pre-emptive conflictignorance

Living With the Opposite

In this world in which

We live

We are blind to what we will not see.

The opposite

They haven't light.


We clash with great might.

One day I will get away

And walk this path not another day.

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going against the normhopeignorance

To Unknow is to Dream

Hey friends


 My latest entry was inspired by a debate I had with some friends recently.The basic principle of this was the theory that you would be happier uneducated than if you knew everything. The theory that Ignorance is bliss.


 So enjoy the poem and if you would like to comment your thoughts on the subject then please do.


To Unknow is to dream

Knowledge is p...

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