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Promoting democracy

A rain of death is falling in Ramses Square

There's something perceptively evil in the air

Perhaps it's the word Moslem

That excuses the eagle from treating them less like men

I saw him, unarmed pleading hands outstretched in front of the tank

The rifle raised these bastards are not firing blanks

What code, what right is invoked that separates crime from state

What torpor makes us turn away from a disenfranchised people's fate

Fuck you western news, your racist, government fed regurgitated views

Democracy is not negotiable.

Coup d'├ętat s cannot be dismissed as something social

Genocide has no religion, no excuse and no exemption

Every black shirted copper,every murdering sqaddie, every power crazed, usurping politician responsible for every lifeless body.

Track them down and make them pay

The dead now wait for judgement day.


◄ Judicial Continuity

Charlie ►


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