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Magnet (Kharkiv, 25 May 2024)

A magnet hung in the big, bright store,

Between the household and the sport,

When down came a pair of guided bombs

And more innocent lives were cut short.


Far away across the border,

Pampered strategists play chess;

They do not know the victims,

And are bothered even less.


This is the new reality

Of war devoid of shame,

Where women, men and children


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Still Life with Massacre


It’s clever how they’ve set this up:

A bowl of fruit,

A jar,

A china dog,

An iron bar (an iron bar?)


Behind – some crumpled remains,

The stench of rotting heaps

Of defenceless women and men.

Still, no one can see or smell this,

So that’s all right then.

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Valentine's Day-Another Massacre-Another Dollar

“Made in Britain”, once a mark of highest quality,

To Gaza, with love, we send white-hot death from above,

Cruel Britannia stoops to utter depravity.  

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BritainGazadeathdepravitymassacredollarsValentine's Day

Crocodile tears


How could I,
The double-faced
WHO’s current leader,
On par with
A chieftain
Brigade general,
Tightlipped attend
My diabolic
Party’s funeral?

Though for
My criminal
Party’s tragic end,
I have to sob,
I must labor
To garner
The pity of
The credulous, elites
As well as
The mob
Round the globe.

At the same time
Dollars I have
To underwrite
In a bid remaining

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Srebrenica - Сребреница


Will humanity ever learn? Europes worst war crime since World War II brought home the fact that its not just Cambodia and distant places where massacres occur, but anywhere that there is hate.

This time the Serb units in the area were in the wrong. Courts rules the Serb state as it was and is was not responsible. Last time it was...

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