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Ever Vigilant, Forever Beautiful.

A smack and crack on the spine, 

Bleeding arms from ugly claw marks, 

Scraped against thorny bushes and barks, 

Red capillaries in the eyes popping up, 

Gusts of agony, grunts of anger, groans of angst,

And a loud feminine roar against the giant outcast.

Cubs felt secured, Mama Bear was fuelled, 

The raged and scar-faced brown bear was misruled

Off his prowess, mobility and...

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This stick named Outrage
Is what stirs the masses
Rousing them in anger
Rail against injustices
Wolves in Yellowstones
Gangs in L.A.
Genocide in Africa
Trouble in Latvia, or
Slums in Mumbai.
And while anger is better than fear
This focus remains on the problems
And so the problems remain.
How then to drop that stick,
And let our focus be guided
To solutions?
To set our sails instead

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