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Eternal Relief

Two seconds to make him go

To free me from this pain and woe

A pill, a potion, a knotted rope

To relieve me from this misanthrope.

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Diffcult Feelings

Feelings are
Pent up
Held in

You feel

And wish

Come the moment
They are released
Or remain contained
More so repressed


All that matters is
You feel relief
No more pain

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a wild horse 
which is free
free to go 
to go everywhere
to run away
or to stay
in the eyes 
your eyes
crossed mine
you are my rider
the person whom my heart
chose to not live without
I admire
you make it tame
my heart is not as wild as it was
I feel each step
the mud
the grass
the sand
the snow
through my hooves
the hard hooves
which were infrangible
I thought 

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black clouds on a sunny day

black clouds on a sunny day


a bus ride into town

on a sunny day


a black cloud

crawls its way

across the window


this is about me

this is about me

this is about me


this is not about me


she could be

he could be

there is no sign

how would I know


I glance at her

her smile

curves into uncertainty

at the corner

of her mou...

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April Rain

Welcome overcast sky

from incessant heat


Drizzle gently falling

on freshly wet street


Feel is overwhelming

for indolence to set


With drop in mercury

and in rain to get wet


Odd for time of year

coming event it tells


Rains not lot farther

quelling of arid spells


Sprung as a surprise

catching all unaware


Speeding all measure...

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