Monochrome images swirl and collide on the surface of my mind,

round and round they go through the loops and coils of my brain.

Slowly they submerse themselves in colour, so much colour more

than in a rainbow.

Every image and sight I have ever seen is in here all waiting to show

themselves when the time is right.

The alcohol I had earlier helped so much to create this massive trip

in my head, I see a billion faces all at once, the power of the human brain

is awesome if only we knew how to use it, people could fly and swim

forever in their minds.

I spiral and glide down the dark alleyways and doors that lead to different

times and feelings all so alive in their own little place.

This is my access to the collective mind of the universe and of everyone

who has ever lived and who ever will.

mindmy headsurrealtrip




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nick armbrister

Sun 2nd Oct 2011 13:22

thanx for commenting. its a piece from 97. was wrote when drunk. thanx. look forward to the cd. and yes imagine a universal mind and how it could see things like colour. that would fry our individual brains for sure.

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Andy N

Sun 2nd Oct 2011 10:01

i really enjoyed this, Nick - one of your best i feel... you may want to consider removing the section regarding alochol as it may build up the piece's tempo.. either way, keep it coming (Need to sort out that Curve CD too for you - haven't forgotten)

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Sat 1st Oct 2011 20:09

Cosmic consciousness an awesome idea - like the way you handle these concepts and that of colour - are we lucky or what who have the faculties to see these things when some folk I know are colour blind for example and cannot think outside their own space.

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