The Far Off Stare

Watching every twitch, each squirm

Observing my skin as goosebumps form

Longing for your touch

Songs of passion in my throat

Claim me again, hum into my ear

Good girl

Revel in the bridge raised within my breast with each gasp of air

Breathe life into me with every mention of my name

Gazing upon my weakened state



Claim me again, pack my head with fuzzy tingles

Good girl

Entertain my howls and whimpers

How keen you are to my wants and needs

There it is

Focus in the far off stare

Focused on me

Watch me reach the apex of my soul

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Andy N

Sun 6th May 2018 12:18

like apex of my soul as a last line in particular but a strong poem. enjoyed (:

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