The good housewife

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Rough thrust 

Deep skull 

Arms back 

Tongue out 

I can’t breath 

I’m on my knees 

I wish you could do it harder 

My imagination spinning 

This is what I want from you

I smile sweet 

Sit on your couch 

Kiss your feet 

Wishing your hands 

were around my neck 

Choking me out 

While you get in deep 

In my head your making me scream 

I’m sobbing and gasping 

I sound like I’m dying 

It’s what I crave 

I want to be your slave 

Punish me babe 

You know I need it 

But if you ask me to repeat this

I’ll smile coyly and say 

I wouldn’t dream this 

Yet you know that I’ve had it

I’ve got telling bad habits 

a drawer filled with vibrating rabbits 

Still I stand by my shy disposition

Hold your hand and watch tv 

Is planet earth on 

You know I love creatures...

Or more like a beast 

I keep her trapped inside me 

She’s clawing to get out 

You need to destroy her

Tie her down and whip her

Make her whole body shake 

Dripping and moaning 

Twisting and groaning 

Then I ask you if you 

want licorice or chocolate tonight

We snuggle up tight 

And watch tv as if that’s all I wanted

What a good little wife 



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Big Sal

Fri 13th Apr 2018 22:50

Genuinely good read.

<Deleted User> (16099)

Wed 11th Apr 2018 23:08

Wow we need eachother more than I thought.....,

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