Save me from myself.

Staring up at his ceiling fan, thinking about this disgrace
Looking in his closet door mirror, with this horrid weed that was laced. 
Sending me into a trance of pure disgust
I have to stop this now, it’s most certainly a must. 
I walked out the door 
With no kiss goodbye 
He turned around so fast 
Like the quickest speed of light. 

My heart pounding as we speak 
I’ve gotten to a Certain slope peak. 

my heart was pounding with anger and rage 
My eyes burned from tears 
Like a fierce tear of a page. 

my pussy felt rough and dry. 
The tears began to fall 
I just needed to cry. 

Stumbling across the dewy grass 
Falling to my knees and wondering why does this shit last. 

 I Looked up at the sky, 
And embraced a slight breeze. 
Hungry from the flowers
The air smelled like sweet Swiss cheese. 

I wished upon the dark sky
 just to crumble and fall 

I wanted to be done. 

There was no time to stall. 


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Simple acts of disgrace ►


Big Sal

Thu 14th Jun 2018 22:10

One has to appreciate how candid you are in your poetry. Excellent emotional reads, and no matter what happens - strength is best preserved by being written down to be remembered for later.?

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