Every Part of You

I want every part of you on me

Catch my rhythm baby

Let me pound you to the beats of our hearts till our souls get lost

Lets find them in each others eyes

Give me something to play with somewhere to start

Tell me where you want me to finish

That climax we been chasing is within our reach

Why are you running from me entering your domain we have been here to many times

Maybe this is not the right place should we go to the back seat

Where the car can shake with a earthquake only we can feel

Pin you back slowly kiss you where your thinking of

Make my way from your neck to your lips i love the smack of our lips leaving one another

Get closer feel my warmth its been so cold without you

No Sounds yet hush

Hold my hand why you want to rush

Lets race to the end Ill give you a head start

Wrap your legs around my neck while I enjoy your flavors can I spell out our love languages inside you

With my tongue let me dine you I have been wanting a love like this forever and your taste is never ending

Right there grab my head tighter so i know you will not retreat

While I eat

We have so much more to do more pleasure this is just a sprinkle its so much more rainy weather



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