no man should know

            or say


            no child should hear:

            parent, pray

            to be spared.

as he sat with his sons at home

and struggled to find


he knew

            she will never return to us

he knew

            she is too ill


In a time when she was strong

for them

as her body weakened:

he knew.


As she shrank before his eyes

skin loose on bones

flesh fading

voice whispering

            eyes sunken

            mouth dry:

no sustenance

but ice chips:

he knew.


The day she needed,


            Help me to die.

a moment of weakness:

he knew.


Alert with no strength

knowing with no words

loving with no expression

lying with no movement:

he knew.


And so he spoke the words

and died


            Your mother...

            She will never return to us

            She is too ill



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