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The Theater

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The Theater

Today, we're together 

Tomorrow, we're apart 

As Cinema .. as the Theater, 

An End for the Start 


Thanks to God for Life 

To work .. earn and learn 

Pray .. to keep Survive 

Happiness to reach and Yearn 


Surely, you're assigned 

For a role to achieve a goal 

Unless you've that mind 

You need to heal your soul

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Cinema Child & When I Leave The Cinema

Cinema Child (2003)

I stood on the sand and watched the boats afloat
I thought of myself and thought I must look right
I'd look cinematic, brilliant, deep, mature
All the eyes were on me, because I stood out
How they'd love me

As those ships drift by, I'd be thoughtful
Roll my eyes and look at the ground
With all the girls watching my ticks and style
I was sullen, moody, sexy,...

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