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The Theater

The Theater

Today, we're together 

Tomorrow, we're apart 

As Cinema .. as the Theater, 

An End for the Start 


Thanks to God for Life 

To work .. earn and learn 

Pray .. to keep Survive 

Happiness to reach and Yearn 


Surely, you're assigned 

For a role to achieve a goal 

Unless you've that mind 

You need to heal your soul

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A chance meeting

A serendipitous moment
So wonderful in its fortune
A wealth of wonderful adventures
was laid before us.
A path that was destined not to last
gave us truly happy times while we were walking it. 

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Love Has Burned

Love has blurned. My heart is no longer paining.
Sitting opposite, I am laughing and joking.
- How are you? – he asked.
- I am fine, thank you.

 And how about you?

- I am happy too.
Come on! Let’s drink for our meeting!
- Ok, but just a bit.
- And… Are you married?

- Well, yes. Why not?
- Well, of course. Do you remember? ...
- I do…
- And I remember too.
- Then, it’s okay.
- Y...

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When we met it was shattering, she lost her dad and I consoled her. She listened to my life of woe. What will we be like together when we meet?

Out of today will come, hopefully, a new tomorrow. Will it bring a harvest of peace or a whirlwind of famine? Like 2 moths we were drawn to each other, the question is who is the flame? You... you burnt off my wings and down to earth I...

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The Meeting

Hello readers

 It's that time again and a new Poem is upon us, gone for something very different this time which I'm really happy with. Not usually one for writing Fantasy Romance but this just came to me. Hope you enjoy it.


The Meeting

The moon hung softly in the sky
incandescant behind thinly veiled cloud
he waited beneath the bandstand
the sound of waves brushing the...

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  Quietly, she spoke of tea, toast, the after smell of cigars,
Let us say we met in a room: curtained, peeling, private.
Briefly she consulted the winter afternoon,
Reviewed the deadening, leadening sky.

It was discreetly done.
No presences danced beyond no lifted curtains.
Darkness had silted us away.

Words, like s...

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Of all the chances, of all the places,

of all the people, it has happened.

Lori came along and into my life,

from the darklands of Scotland.

A Scottish Goth into planes,

a real soulmate I’ve found.

Distance will be overcome for in a week

I’ll be with her, at journeys end.

What are the chances? Well, it happened

and for that I’m grateful...

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