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A King
Is the ruler of man
A King
Is admired protector
A King
Is wise in his decisions
A King
Sits on a thrown placed there by God
A King
A King

What is a King?

It is not children
Arguing over a legacy

It is not greed
A down payment on history

It is not a family name
A generation brings it to shame

It is not selling tickets
To a path paved by dog bites, water h...

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KingMartin Luther KingPoetry 2016

Kings and Scribes

How easy it is to judge 

from the throne of 


How comforting to

cast off what 

doesn't fit our

moral code.

Perspective is 

colored by our own 

evolution and lingering 


The soul of a scribe

cannot help but 

share truths

that set spirits

free, no matter 

the cost of their 

own liberty. 

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Lonely Queen

entry picture

A lonely queen
Without her mighty king
Living all alone inside their golden castle.

Sombering, combing her rainbow hair
In front of her's crystal mirror
Wondering if her king will ever return.

So many winters had passed
Since he left to conquer the world
With his legendary pen.

She misses his romantic poetry
That made her heart sing
Like beautiful notes of a flute.


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Come Me Hither I, to Die

Good people of this Christian land,
Here before you now I stand
And come me hither I, to die,
For by the law condemned am I,
And not a word in protest muttered,
Let not a ‘treachery’ be uttered,
These lands demand my soul depart,
By pain of death and muted heart.

For at thy King’s pleasure, ‘tis true,
I soon, to take my leave of you,
I pass not blame, nor beg for life,

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entry picture

King 1 - Queen 2


Wath - Queen of Villages reigned

in her flower garden

her turnip grubbing fields

her pig pens and her byres

subjects tugging forelocks

native speech a country slide

years before the pits


When Wigan coalpits died

the King - black in workings underground

emerged in Wath to drag her subjects down

drawing men across the border


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