[tarmac touch supply chain shackle

dead land sprung mixing

business flow pleasure

cargo fed artery drip



green belt boundary destination

misplaced motor-way expansion

catharsis false anatomy

road sweep strategy

cultural access invader hard shoulder


systematic appetite number

lowest common denominator

stamped queue discount

lost without bank accounts


territory independence

abroad pre-eminence

sovereignty democracy

global external property


between the two

impose force create order

anarchical negotiation

compromised border


cogs greased spinning imperialism

sticky coffee cigarette saliva gum

paralysed red tape idea

no go zone fear

great leveller prime estate jcb

vacant bricked sarcophagus

layered poster billboard over memory

over road and driveway


republic insomniac flowerbed plantation

metallurgy mortgage forged emancipation

desk after years behind

accustom taxation

opportunity knocks

______ is not a dirty word


merging continuous urban industry

developed agglomerative polycentricity

single transportation link neologism

invisible human footsteps held

behind alienation


empty streets car parks empty bottles

tar paint decorative glass spikes

birds no-fly zone land protection

redirection cross section interaction

plastic foliage container parkway


connectively uncouth

human evolution absolute truth

rubber fliers high tyres

pollution pangaea repeat

note record stop play

swinging dice defeat


plugged prompt battery watch

digital clock analogue tick-tock

hands sharp late face

conceited disparaged

defeated disgraced


prisoners backhanders political

manhunt squad obstruction tactical

militarised without charge mod

ministry of attack

ministry -----------


duplicity globalisation export violence

hypocrisy peace bureaucracy silence

airstrip one autocracy

perjury perspective public safety

private stint stretch bid

time years

lying dying cartridge cassette

no comment


contemplated mistake 

unhealthy mind heart beat race

shivers escape unchecked grind

friction gathers infinity

camera perched surveillance committee

connected subway vessel graffiti


council categorised tranquillity

courtyard oblivious exclusive realities

absorbed morality assimilated tested

perception perverted twisted

wrong and right blurred

rules amplify resonated apply


insignificant morning oasis

urban evening inside sprawled island spaces

metallic vulture roundabout waiting

watching paralyzed vandalism

cereal box balcony staggered illusion



underpass regurgitating mosaic blockade

choked cars wedged overfed

concrete bars police vehicle repeated

escape terrain trundled slipway

wide mouth rumbled elevatory


underneath comfortable desensitised free

universities cocaine ecstasy mediocrity

(media-city) poetry unaware dense fog

beauty marijuana smoke

screen borders ranked immediacy speaking

extrasensory uniqueness made validity

crying money


marionette puppets invisible endless suspended

entwined connections wires signals isolated

imprisoned infinite

colossal sinister singularity

teetered brink fibre optic rhyming dictionary

opinion protection paper ink

holy guardian type doublethink


synonymous impersonal characteristic

condition expansion capitalistic

nineteenth century cumulative product technology

urban machine component command seat

speed transport proximity

landscape simplicity


coupled urbanization population estrangement

intoxicated crowd individual vacant

engaged experiences condemned escapism

metaphor exile modernization

transformation estranged narcotic consumption

abandoned asylum opiate function


artillery cavalry brick infantry

homogeny uniform street discrepancy

subterranean victorian waterway

hot breath signal flare cold day

corrugated iron vibration

condensation antiquated



international value governed conquest

invasive population machine rest

command violence railway deployments

between geopolitics

penetration revolution

communism spawned influence

mobilisation news communication

inequality preservation


immigration brown bess consultation

colonial legacy wrath entangled contraction

banknotes concealed ransom

free parking monopoly

enjambment sprawled blurred multiplicity


prometheus knowledge communication community

drug struggle war scales ideology

exercise individual service emergency

organisation overseer

possibly political

governor power monopolised liberal

complicated remaining conflicting



try me love me

replace if not 100% happy

phone us on 0800 529 0101

the website

when calling please quote the code ‘u21’

plastic bottle widely recycled

research alternatives

testing on humans



blue banana drama

underground necessity

conventional commodity

coin slot machine

poetical nonsensical

fracking hell

all this



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