Rooftop Reverie

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The sweetest memories hang
like negatives
in the dark room of my mind
I develop them occasionally
picturing again 
more exciting times

Yellows and browns begin to wash
across the leaves outside my window
I haven’t seen you in the flesh
since those shoots were new
it feels so long ago

We ran through those streets
as if we owned them
spinning endlessly from bar to bar
from joke to joke
in our abandon

Our last night in the city
some nameless rooftop bar
we watched the buildings making love 
to their reflections on the water
A stranger took our photo
sloshing glasses tucked behind our backs
arms around each other’s shoulders
smiles wider than the frame

I hope there will be other times
another chance and soon
to lose ourselves together
in conversations deep
in the bowels of dimly lit bars
or the roof terraces decked with lanterns
on endless summer evenings
down bustling cobbled alleyways
a community of revellers

O, these dusty memories
bring me close to tears
these dusty memories
chase me round the house
dreaming of a time
when we can crawl out of our bunkers
spend another night 
getting lost in the city 
finding each other...



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Sun 1st Nov 2020 10:05

Thanks Rachel and Lasse for your comments and likes too, so kind of you. Youthful abandon indeed and much missed right now.

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Rachel Moore

Fri 30th Oct 2020 14:51

This poem has some amazing lines, the opening is fantastic and "We ran through those streets as if we owned them" particularly resonated with me - youthful abandon!

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Lasse Krey

Fri 9th Oct 2020 16:38

I made it twelve. Thanks for sharing 😊

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Fri 9th Oct 2020 15:58

Thanks Keith, that's so kind of you to say. I think a lot of people are missing those care-free times right now.

Thanks for all the likes everyone. I don't think I've ever had 11 before and didn't know you got two flowers, very encouraging 😃

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keith jeffries

Thu 8th Oct 2020 22:59


this must be one of the best poems that I have read in a long time which captures the theme of personal nostalgia. So very well written and put together. Evocative for any reader to roll back time and glimpse times past. An excellent poem.

Thank you


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Sat 3rd Oct 2020 12:01

Wow, thank you New Shoes, Kishore, Neressa, Victoria, Stephen and Julie for the likes.

And thank you Paul and Greg for the comments. In the same way the Gulf Stream keeps the west coast warm, so my endless commuting to London used to keep me connected to old friends. This lockdown has left me a little adrift but thankfully inspired this poem...

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Greg Freeman

Thu 1st Oct 2020 17:11

Very evocative, Tom. Dreaming of a time when we can 'crawl out of our bunkers' ... an elegy to friendship and to city life.

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