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Poem from One of Our New Collections

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Less Than a Second

Less than a second

is the time it takes to fall in love.

             That summer night

             you walked out of the bright house

             on to the dark deck

             ready for the next day's wedding,

             already celebrating every damn thing

             anyone could think of,

             laughter floating out of your pores


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Psychological dome

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Forcing passers by

Curious for peep stand,

Swelling a throng

By every square

Or a roadside

Using his right leg

A nimble right hand

With the other holding

The artefact items hard

A hand-less man

Makes attractive tables

and stools

Hammering nails

And cutting woods

The way the task demand,

A task ,many normal people

Imagine,  to handle hard.

Those who appreciate

His talent

Throws c...

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Colors Of Public Assistance

Is the color
Of power.
You can see this:
Office buildings are grey.
Cubicles are grey. 
Money, two letters off.

White is the color of peace,
And hope, 
And the color of the linoleum 
Where they take pieces of you
And put it on a card.

Is the faces 
Of most I see.
It's interesting how color
Affects so much.

Their smiles. 
The screen,
The air.

I think,

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DisabilityDSHSEBTfood stamps

Department of Social and Health Services

Sitting in a plastic chair,
Waiting for a person
To tell me
If I can afford
This month

How did I
Get here?
I had dreams.
I had goals. 
And so did
Everyone in this room.

The wait
The screams of bored children
Pop my peace
And I wonder
It's a simple enough question.

Why me?
Why here? 
Why now?
I suppose. 
His laughter feels
Like nails
Pounded into nails...

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Disability Timeline pt. 2

War is waged
With soldiers
But mostly money.
Isn't that
What old men
With both

I fight the World War of my life,
And yet,
And Yet.
I see neither approach 
On the horizon 
And I wonder
How long
I'll keep looking.

Your promises mean nothing,
Because that
Is what I've got
To show for them.

I implore,
Don't get my hopes up
Again this time.
Say "no" if you want.

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bipolarDisabilitygovernment assistance

Disability Timeline pt. 1

Ask for help,
They say
With quiet judgmental rebuke
So I ask
And then I plead
And deafness
Greets his friend

Means tomorrow.
Next week.
I have yet to see
"Within the year"
And it's been Two.

Each letter,
A careful trapeze,
Am I too sick?
Not sick enough?
The war waged on 
In my body.
They promised me
"Within the year."

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bipolardisabilitygovernment assistancemental illness

A futile deliverance

A crippled wing

is carried like a curse,

unbalanced by the functioning

an ordeal made cruelly worse.


Such evidence of bondage

cannot be cut away,

the limp bedraggled appendage

withers in decay.


Disembodied from this servitude

to where minds and dreams are free,

into that eternal interlude

which none shall ever see.


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Edward Burra

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When roads turned black

and landscape's morphed 

to cleft like human tryst,

the artist hand’s though crippled

brushed canvas with a kiss.


Cruelly wasted from the womb

though saved by England’s cradle,

he ventured to where colour bloomed

and feasted from its table.


Hell fell there 

stripped flesh to bones

an aperture renewed,

darker grew his playful ton...

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A Walking Man Never Understands

They say, to pull yourself up by your bootstraps , but if they knew, I can’t stand or that my leg’s are wobbly and weak. Do you think, they’d be telling me to get off my knee’s, to stand on my own two feet? Not to set on my hand’s but to really rise, and stand to use my feet? Really man, get a grip. I use a walker or a stick.

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He had a disability
and didn’t mind that you knew it,
tumbling around on callipers -
his attitude was ‘screw it’!
Spasticus Autisticus -
an anthem for the broken.
Poet, musician, human being,
not some crippled token.
A war cry in this normal land
for those who were disabled
and through their bloody mindedness
became the walking, talking, enabled.
He hit us with a rhythm st...

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disabilityian duryliving with disabilitypunk


Incredible by Matthew Stuart Derbyshire






To the kid who's terrible at maths;

the one who thinks he's never going to pass;

the one who always seems to be at the bottom of the class:


you are incredible.


To the kid with the disability;

the one who has the ability

to be whoever or whatever it is that he wants to be:


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What worlds turn behind your almond eyes, that ready smile,

that childish innocence that lingers long when you are gone?

I feel your warmth through chubby hands and stubby fingers

of a child. You will not make old bones in this cold life

of sticks and stones and superstitious fears. Some careless god

cut short your years; played blackjack with your chromosomes

in a game that ...

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