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Tuī hé lā

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I was the ocean and he was the moon, 

natures opposites yet love would sprout soon.


As I push against his gravitational pull, 

Though on my axis my hearts orbit falls. 


Quite often I am his biggest challenge,

But as the ying to his yang he fixes this imbalance.


My spirit soul mate who facilitates my flow, 

Through the high and low tides our love for one another ...

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The Fifth Element

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She is fire,

Get close and she will melt your heart,

The light in your darkest hour 

But play with her and you'll get burnt.


She is earth,

Her roots rich with self-love and worth, 

The natural evolution females seek

But mess with her nature, she'll bring forth her seismic wrath. 


She is air,

Free and not confined,

Moves like the wind and her path knows ...

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As it reaches its zenith the midnight sun casts its pale light over this silent land.

Nothing stirs except the howling winter wind over miles and miles of emptiness.

No animal or man is to be found here, only the elements in their most basic form.

Earth, wind, fire and water. This is God’s land, a timeless placeless place.



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