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In the name of God and Satan

(I'm aware this is a controversial poem and I hope not to offend anyone but I make no conclusions, I only ask questions)

The nature was deteriorating.
The sky was falling down,
raining pieces of ashy soot,
crashing and burning
and you weren't there.
Why weren't you there?
The birds squawked and screeched
and in-between their cries were mine, calling
and I was reaching out to you.
I asked if this was purgatory, hell, judgement day, the end of the world... an apocalypse...
But when you came I never saw your face or heard your voice
and you never answered me.
The happiness was deteriorating.
The people were falling down... dead.
But the fallen angels didn't fall,
we humans were alone on earth.
You never came in body,
You never came in flesh
and they said your name was God.
But there was fire on their tongues, tails to their sentences and horns belying their visions
and I realised I hadn't met Satan either.
I realised that Lucifer is still an angel.
I realised that the Holy Spirit is a fiery thing
and that people can have split personalities or multi-personalities,
so if God is a trinity yet one mind, God can be a quadruple...
I asked The Devil if he belonged,
his scowl was deteriorating
and his weapons were falling down,
he opened his mouth
and his voice was angelic.



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Alexandra Parapadakis

Sun 7th Sep 2014 12:54

Than you Anthony! :-)I'll think about what you've said

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Sun 7th Sep 2014 12:46

I'm having it.
Some great lines:
Fire on their tongues/tails to their sentences
And I asked the devil if he belonged and his scowl was deteriorating

I might not have finished with 'and'
And his voice was angels
But it's not my poem.
I liked ;-)

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Alexandra Parapadakis

Wed 3rd Sep 2014 19:02

Thank you very much, I appreciate this feedback.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 3rd Sep 2014 13:23

Alexandra, this is quite a thought/opinion forming piece.
I'm not sure I like all the "ands" but the content is very cleverly written. I like the premise of the holy trinity and the idea of multi-personalities. Original stuff, well done,


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