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Absalom's Rise

Were you not my watch tower, erect above the chalky cliff

Stone guardian against all, high over the rough tides of my youth?

Was yours not the bastion, planted secure on the high turf:

Whose high walls embraced us and protected?

But that was then, now I am the ascended man -

Now I do not see your turrets from my farther shore

Black waves broke on your defences, your mortar crumbl...

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Pray for light

I am fully aware

A night here 

Is a nightmare

But why should I be scared?


The light of men

Come rend

Rend the heaven


Son of man break through the darkness

Drown us in your brightness  


Come awake us to the daylight 


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Fruit In My Fist

Lips: like cliché cartoon roses.

Yes, red.

But open up my mouth,

Those lilies will  -   snap.   -   You.  -   Up.

Thorn in your side.

I think we used to fly with the bats,

The doves always ended up on our dinner table,

I told you it was chicken.


You choked me with Amen,

You squeezed me with your hand for grace,

For grace, from grace I fell

Down from the heaven...

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Trial & Tribulation

entry picture

Trial And Tribulation.


Blackness all around,

the depths of infinity.

They told me not to look.

A sixteen year old girl

told not to do something.


So I looked………


The slow twilight

as the sun began

to be devoured.

The ghostly stillness

of the cosmos

descending upon

Mother Earth, until,

it seemed,

the whole world


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