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I Grew A Hat

I grew a hat

it’s a part of me

a little piece of inside

when I’m out,

in a head tilt,

a shutter peak,

hiding like mountains

under snow,

tree canopies

in desperate corners

of a ceramic world

I wonder if clouds sigh

when another

enters the blue;

it’s why I prefer nights

the daddy of all hats

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“Shakespeare On Deformity”

Have been preoccupied with several articles related to Shakespeare Authorship and their relevance to today's thoughts on mental health, gender stereotypes and free speech. This week I ask: "What was the prevailing attitudes to deformity by Shakespeare and his contemporaries?" Qudos Academy examines Elizabethan attitudes to physical deformity and numerous references found in Shakespeare’s plays.


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Modus Operandi---Conscious Cruelty

If you care anything at all about Mental Health Services in Tory UK, and about how the Tories treat their citizens watch this:


Modus Operandi-Conscious Cruelty


National Emergency; declare a General Strike;

Are we Hearts of Oak, or timid wee mice?

Stop kissing their boots, tell ‘em to take a hike,

I for one, am itching to get rid of these lice;


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karaoke 34

the see-thru states

of liminal infamy

"don't let me down" 

sung in desperate drams

beacons prain

from a street corner


affixed and shorn and 


snaggle toothed:

cleft palates and anaphylaxis 

sanded down by time

into a shape something 

much like mine

(too much)


please see me

but don't look;

a shared hypocrisy 

wrung motes of p...

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drowning in brain waves

born to Cybele on a golden cloud
he appeared in a flash of lightning
carrying Prometheus on his back. 
his footsteps left luminous tracks
a blazing trail of prints 
& ground breaking indents
cementing his path through the sands of time.

when the bearded man spoke or wrote 
his words formed waves
blown by the west wind
& the sleeping dead woke
drinking his poems as an antidote
from a ...

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