That last piece

Fighting a hundred battles, every damn single day
unable to help myself, with no one around who can aid.
Battling these invisible demons, but falling down each time
wondering how others can cope like this, or appear completely fine.
Twenty-Four years pass on and on, before they catch the cause
but it turns out that I'm not at fault, for all of my many flaws.
Today my struggles are validated, as i become diagnosed at last
When the words were uttered to me, my heart sped up quite fast.
This day i learned i am autistic, but its not really all that bad
There's many awesome things that stem from it, like all of the creativity that ive had.
From this day i vow to be kinder to my mind, rather than beating myself up some more
Perhaps now i can be content again, a feeling i have never truly felt before.

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Sun 13th Mar 2022 15:03

Thankyou so much Russell! I appreciate it. The poetry and writing block has been real for around a year or so now going through this process. Finally I found my voice again after finally finding myself.

It's nice to have a wholesome place to share my poetry, especially given most of it is stuff that comes from my raw emotions, feelings and experiences. Today I finally feel content in myself. For how long? I'm unsure. But, for now I'm trying to practice and learn self love and care more. Since I think, along with others around me, I neglected those pointers.

I currently aim to finish and try to get published, a mental health poetry anthology, so everyone struggling out there can know they're not alone but also that it does get better

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Russell Jacklin

Sun 13th Mar 2022 11:20

You are unique, remember that, there are thousands of like-minded poets on here who would be only eager to support if they can, keep writing, tell the world about you, your desires and ambitions.

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