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Angels Call

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At a loss to know what happened, I did not see you fall
I wasn't  there, I didn't see when Angels came to call
A world without, memories now is all I see
I leave you now,  to say your own soliloquy.....

This is could be my own exposition,
Bills, money, world events, my own loneliness decision
People all around me but I'm hiding the pain
Physical illness or mental strife is all that I gain

I could reach out, but I haven't strength to raise my hand
And then the darkness reaches out, enveloping like a sinking sand
Could Angels fly, in my decision
So I leave you now with this transition.

Did I look away bury my head in the sand
Leave you to your on devices and now I am damned
Could I have saved you, listened to all your despair
Stopped you pulling on the trigger or stepping from the chair

Is like schrodinger's cat, you still exist in my mind
Instead of lying on the floor, in white chalk outlined
A Copenhagen interpretation, until you react
You didn't have to leave, f**k this letter, please detract

What led you to this path a sad paradox
Could you give me the time to turn back the clocks
Could I have seen what you were really going through
The interaction messages, signs to show what was true
You've left me, alone, I cannot decide
Was it me?  that lead to your suicide.

So keep you eye on the ball, watch your fellow brother
Step up to the plate, with solace for each other 
See the changes in mood, the silence, false cheer
Give the time to listen to all you hold dear

I live with the horror, regret and pain
Could I have run faster four minutes gain,

just a mile away but still to late,....

resting, shaking, leaning at your garden gate 
So the angels came and took you away
So I'll wait.....remember... and see you one day.

In memory of Mark.
MDH 2018


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Bethany Sallis

Wed 17th Apr 2024 09:59

Thank you Mike, for a very well written and highly emotive piece.


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Tom Doolan

Tue 16th Apr 2024 16:04

A heartfelt & emotive piece.

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