Thoughts in a dark room

Light your way with silver blue reflections,
Square shapes give you a sense of connection
That fills a room with all the strangers' faces.
Their vision is what your retina praises.

I look accross the room and see nothing but golden spheres,
Hidden deep inside them is a regular junky's craves and fears.
He sweats, he cries and screams the sound of lust and joy,
His euphoria takes off and his senses gradually deploy.

Your hands touch the hard wood of this worn-out bar,
Where once a ghost stood and played the strings of a borrowed guitar.
She played a song of dreams she dreamt lying on a wooden boat
She just wished nothing but a tidal wish that would make her heart float.

Words flow just as a river runs its course,
An infinite journey soaked in a divine force.
So the mist melts the old chair and cold bar away
As I find and lose myself in what we call today.


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Big Sal

Tue 5th Jun 2018 17:03

Last two lines really raise that (the) bar, so to speak. ?

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