That Feeling Pt 2

It didn't happen quickly,

The fall.

Honestly, I didn't realize it was happening at all.

A few encounters here and there turned to seeing him every day

Turned to waking up to sleepy smiles and stolen kisses

And now I wouldn't want it any other way.

As time passes it gets harder and harder to rememeber how I felt before I met him.

It is harder each day to remember who I was then. 

A more broken version of myself.

A girl who did not know which way was up because she had been looking down for so long.

I do not know if he realizes what his presence has done for me.

He did not save me, he did not give me strength when I wasn't strong,

He simply washed away the stains left by another

So I may remind myself who I am, how to get along.

He brings joy, he brings laughter,

He brings sunshine when I am alone in the dark.

The only fear brought on by his coming is that one day he may leave.

More than a loss that would be.

How beautiful it is to have something I am so terrified of losing. 

I hope the day never comes where this feeling

Becomes that feeling,








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