Do you every get that giddy feeling?

Like a child who just woke up on Christmas morning

looking at the presents that Santa brought.

Or like a student who just auditioned for her schools’s play,

and now is waiting for the cast list to be posted.

Yah, I do too.

It’s a wonderful feeling of hope and desire.

It’s driving at 70 mph with the windows down on an open road.

It’s rare and yet at the same time so commonly found.

Just picture it,

Years of waiting,

a long summer night,

one with flowers everywhere you turn,

there’s the sun setting and stars shining,

and there you are walking down this beautiful path

holding the hand of the boy you love.

The sound of a guitar is hear not to far in the distance,

and suddenly the two of you are dancing.

Laughter and love warm you as he pulls you close,

and one gentle kiss is all you need.

Now as you walk again, there is an eye-catching gazebo,

white, structured, and filled with lights.

You chuckle as you drag him over to it,

gazing at the wondrous sight.

That’s when he goes on one knee,

and pulls out a ring.

Such a lovely picture,

how I wish to feel like that one day.

For now, though,

I’ll stick to the small moments,

filled with joy and excitement.


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lynn hahn

Fri 9th Dec 2016 07:44

I would love that too. Nice feeling thanks

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