A new C word

Now there's a new C word in town 

10 months in, the word CURED blasts free

In the same chair, same room by the same careful man 

Where we heard that other C word everyone fears

This one is C for celebration 

Not C for Christ no, can't believe it

A new day to celebrate through the onward years

A day as special as a birth

The C pebble dropped and happiness ripples spread and spread

Many lives lightened, heightened, changed with that single drop

Hard to sink in, so hard to sink in

Catching that one word exhausted me in a blink

Relief, joy, disbelief, belief, tired

Strong emotions that drain

May everyone have a moment like that

After ten months, who knew how heavy things had been

Who knew the lightness one word could bring

Free and flying high, wanting to dance in the street

I do know how positive we've been

Step by step, day by day, minute by minute 

To all out there feeling worried and in fear

I send hope across the evening stars

Look up and see

Look up and believe

Look up and be free



◄ 42 Alder Road, Liverpool 12

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