This Too Shall Pass

He looks to me

but he doesn't see me

He talks to me

but he doesn't hear me

He's in front of me

but we're a million miles apart

Our hearts are beating to a different tune

Everyone thinks it'll be fine soon

Just open up and tell him 

It'll be okay,

This too shall pass

but it won't,

it will last and last...


◄ In a Sea of Lonely Nights

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Sat 18th Jan 2020 03:28

Thanks Don and Jordyn! 😊

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Jordyn Elizabeth

Fri 17th Jan 2020 23:27

Aww I really like this!

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Don Matthews

Fri 17th Jan 2020 21:44

This is good Mika. Your lines and writes I like. They are short and succint.....

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Fri 17th Jan 2020 17:14

Thanks V for reading. Glad you enjoyed it.

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