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Fiscally revolting


(to the tune of 'coming round the mountain')



The Greek people they have had it up to here,

With those ‘haves’ that say these times must be austere.

Forbes’ list shows the same old picture

The poor pay up - the rich get richer

Publishing financial crimes without a fear.


Has the Parisian Republic gone berserk?

I mean, growth through spending... that could never work!

Forget the post-war Marshall plan

(Or that one used in Japan)

'cos some see cuts unending as recession’s perk.


For the Greeks to leave the Euro is a wrench

As even while they're a’bolting they must retrench.


From Maggie T to Merkel,

Seems the EU’s turned full circle


Let's all be fiscally revolting, like the French!


◄ Cheaper to Bang, a split ticket saga.

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