July 2019 Collage Poem: It’s All Greek to Me

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Boris lurks in clever Grecian lines

Pernod! Demos, oher!


I met her on Tinder, Medusa, she said she was Greek

Now I am stood here with a statue of Apollo

Bandaged babies, lepers and bikes


Refrain, refrain, rain


Boris Johnson is trashing

Davey’s wine bar,

Demis Roussos is singing ‘Do you

Think I’m sexy?’ to Angie and Dave


See the sea, let the wind blow

Crab rides rollercoaster to turn radioactive


Demis Roussos – a Greek Pavarotti

Swimming in the dirty sea

Ducking and diving from the viper’s bite


What if I told you

It’s always the right time

Would you save it?


And the middle class shelves of Waitrose

Will all be washed out to sea


How do I not like that falsetto voice?


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Nigel Astell

Wed 10th Jul 2019 13:08

Fully understanding to
not quite sure
think I know
but more often
than not we
can all agree
It's all greek
both to you
and definitively me!

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