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The Algea


A sense of belonging that’s foreign to me.

To be able to feel the warmth of love would bring a sense of glee,

But anyone I’ve grown close to seems to flee.


Left with the scars of abandonment creating emotional ripples. 

All whilst leaving my heart warped and feeling brittle.

Losing my faith in my dear Lord little by little. 


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July 2019 Collage Poem: It’s All Greek to Me


Boris lurks in clever Grecian lines

Pernod! Demos, oher!


I met her on Tinder, Medusa, she said she was Greek

Now I am stood here with a statue of Apollo

Bandaged babies, lepers and bikes


Refrain, refrain, rain


Boris Johnson is trashing

Davey’s wine bar,

Demis Roussos is singing ‘Do you

Think I’m sexy?’ to Angie and Dave


See the sea, let the wi...

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