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Behold, How Good And Pleasant It Is For Brethren To Dwell Together In Unity.



As a big brother, you grow up an oppressor.

Your very presence compresses the air

In the little one’s chest.

They bellow their displeasure,

The oppressed, expressing every hurt,

Blurting the measure

Of each Pascal of pressure you exert.




We used to fight all the time,

For a decade or more we waged war.


Life was an Itchy and Scratchy car...

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Burn Baby Burn

Burn baby burn

Why you holding onto that tub?
Where you gonna rub that greasy stuff? 
Slap it on your dick, make it slick, you make me feel sick. 
Stick it in your brother
Would you do this to any other?
Incestuous meetings, strange greetings, two hearts beating down an alley, acting pally, why you dilly dally? Making out you're just playing when all the time you are laying
together slowl...

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incestbrotherssexually explicit


My loved Brother

Today, in the middle of my weekly shopping

Between bananas and tomatoes

I found red plums.


The noise around me

Made silence,

My mind traveled 24 years ago,

To our small city,

so distant that looks like another life.



Each month we used to buy

two plums and one sweetened milk,

our monthly rewards

nobody except you, can under...

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11 years between us 

two mothers between us

one father we share

unbreakable connection 

He's my brother and I love everything about him

I wouldn't change him..i wouldn't be without him

He's my big brother and  we  are similar in so many ways

I see my self when I look at him and some of the things he says

I love him and I don't tell him but he is everything to me

He's a s...

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1.0 Love


Just look at you go, 
Version 2.0,
an upgrade and that's no mistake.
I know we've both advanced
we’ve progressed, we're enhanced
but here's an EULA I will not break.
I'll watch the ports at your back
guard against cyber-attack
I swear by my serial key that's no fake!
Even with my mode set to stressed,
by my code, I'm impressed
to find how feature-rich a brother, you might make.


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Brotherbrothersfamilyfamily poemsgeekgeekerysoftwareTechnologyupgrade

Life by Numbers

Life by Numbers


1. My father walks the sea-edge and is young, as a child is young.

2. My father's voice is hardwood, and timpan drums.

7. My father's eyes are tired.

16. The cyclone clouds hang swollen sheets above.

19. I am afraid.

20. I shall put fear at the bottom of depths the deep blue made.

25. My brothers' arms surround me.

31. We sit on the brim of laught...

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42 Alder Road, Liverpool 12

There are homes and then there's children's homes

There are children's homes and then there are children's homes 

The one I knew was a home from home

Age four mum and her sister set one up 

With hard work, love and courage 

The biggest house my young eye's had seen

A large dappled wooden rocking horse to gallop and whoop for good

A magic garden with its own small wood


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brotherschildrens homeChristmasEasterHalloweenLiverpoolrabbitssisterssummer

Castor and Pollux

Castor, he ran- he was swift in the field,

With horses, they vaulted behind.

A brother to him, with a love so blood-deep,

Was Pollux, son of Zeus and divine.


Their devotion together, not one to be quelled,

Was tested when one half had died.

Then Pollux wept out, with his soul ripped to shreds,

And demanded they share the same sky. 

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I miss my brother

I miss my brother

I miss my friend

Think of all the places we could have been 

Although I know I can not hide 

I should be there by your side 

But then I see this look in your eyes 

I have lost my brother, yet he's still alive 

Your the only friend I could sit in peace 

And see the world. It's queens and beasts. So is there hope because your still breathing? Or have i lost ...

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Roses - NaPoWriMo Day 10

Roses are dead,

they smell like Le Pew.

But they still smell sweet

compared to you.


Roses are dead,

now you feel blue.

So take a shot neat,

and uncork the screw.


Roses are dead,

our hopes are too.

You were a cheat,

but I was too.

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Two in the Rain






two joined, separated
a brother now one
and his brother's friend
a friend that loved
filled that emptiness
that hearth and home
could not mend
one fateful day
their ways crossed
to wayward wend

what tears run streaks
on your redded cheeks
why the furtive pulse
in your eyes it shows

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