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Holy Orders

In churches Gothic or

Norman the pious had them blessed by

Light from stained-glass as the perfume of

Incense attended their angular

Descent, while brave Lancelot's were

Housed in chain-mail and in

Modern times Marilyn took two to her

Grave, as, just the other day, did

George Floyd, his neck the latest

Pew for genuflection by a serving

Police officer who though no dou...

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Roses - NaPoWriMo Day 10

Roses are dead,

they smell like Le Pew.

But they still smell sweet

compared to you.


Roses are dead,

now you feel blue.

So take a shot neat,

and uncork the screw.


Roses are dead,

our hopes are too.

You were a cheat,

but I was too.

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