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Twin Sisters

We say we are twin sisters separated before birth, my sister dot and me 
We seem to do and think the same each day, unbelievably 
One of us has an idea, The other carries it out 
Twins separated before birth that's what we two are about 
Maybe our dad got disturbed while on the job with our mam 
Maybe god knew two of us wouldn't have fit in our mams small pram 
I have no idea of the reason w...

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I have decided enough is enough

i have seen the glass bottom so many times and the view is so distorted that life means nothing.

Life is what we make it - so the next life will be better

The next life will be worse

The next life is just that the next one.


I am so far from home that I do not think I will ever return.  

My light is lost, it is shining on those that need it mor...

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But for you

But for you

We would be one


But for you

The lack of feeling alone


But for you

The unknowing, not so cold


But for you

More joy in growing old


But for you

My mind might be at rest


But for you

Life, less of a test


But for you

A single race I have run


But for you

There are clouds above the son


But for you

The be...

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griefmissing someonesorrowTwins

2 birds

Twas on this night in '80

I met 2 birds a tweeting 

A fateful day for maybe three

Cos these birds have been perched by me ever since 

Party, party I heard in a noisy pub

Me and my mate looked at each other with in for a penny smiles

So there we were in a packed flat just near by

One room to drink, one room to dance, one room to, well it was dark

First date so just rooms 1 a...

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Castor and Pollux

Castor, he ran- he was swift in the field,

With horses, they vaulted behind.

A brother to him, with a love so blood-deep,

Was Pollux, son of Zeus and divine.


Their devotion together, not one to be quelled,

Was tested when one half had died.

Then Pollux wept out, with his soul ripped to shreds,

And demanded they share the same sky. 

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ghost brother

ghost sister



two years before


unable to fight anymore

they gave up their tiny breath

to history


she never spoke of them

in anything but love and memory

of what could have

should have been


never tripping

over regrets

at what came after



my brother

our family


they had names for th...

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child deathtwinsbrothersisterghostsmotherloss


Our friend, Bob The Bun,

just loved to have fun

and exciting adventures galore,

he’d laugh all day

and jump and play

and roll around on the floor.


Its a very rare sight

to see a bun take flight

but one day he went flying so high,

he held onto a kite

by the tail, so he might

get to see the world from the sky.


Now, whilst he was high,

something low ca...

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