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1.0 Love


Just look at you go, 
Version 2.0,
an upgrade and that's no mistake.
I know we've both advanced
we’ve progressed, we're enhanced
but here's an EULA I will not break.
I'll watch the ports at your back
guard against cyber-attack
I swear by my serial key that's no fake!
Even with my mode set to stressed,
by my code, I'm impressed
to find how feature-rich a brother, you might make.

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Cosmo Dark Canyon I

entry picture

Dead plateau of life hand,

    Distant cold realms of infinite strangely star dim lit light, Compelling diction of cosmos inaudibly threat of silence curing the creeping parasite affliction of a habitual debt f(r)iendship with dignity's lost kindred hate spirit: Empathy's lost imagination engine key holding Loki demon!

In earnest anticipation of,

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White Band

I wear it on my arm as a symbol of our love,
I admired it and you gave away a part of you to me.
Your style, your flair, your elegance
bounces against veins pumping blood to my metaphorical heart, always.

A symbol of healing, of patching things up...
a bandaid of the heart, the soul...
...of us.

I will be your white band,
I will soak away all that pain, that hurt, that angu...

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If Schwitters were Twitters

Very late, and I'm browsing the google analytics stats for my blog, mainly because I didn't have them set up before and now that I have, I like playing with my new toy. But aside from finding out that people have searched for my blog using terms like 'keep calm and suck my dick', 'filth without make-up' and, most disturbingly of all, 'Sarah Palin', I also discovered which words I use more than ...

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