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I was at a loose end

Coiled up for action

Capable of anything

Any hot infraction


You fanned my flame

Got me into a fever

Never let me sit still

Pulling every lever


Combustion failed us

From sad mouldering

We barely rose above

A gentle smouldering


We tried to rekindle

Gave the fire a poke

Rubbed twigs together

Lit not coal but coke



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In Chains Of Faded Flowers

You're gone but it was good

You had to put up with a lot

My moods and wanderings

A child dying alone in his cot


Carnations bring you back

Our shady garden bowers

You dangle from my heart

In chains of faded flowers


High up on Ilkley Moor

Laid in fields of heather

Laughing we made love

Never mind the weather


His birth was not easy

For you might h...

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Ashes Are Better Than Nothing

All that's left is wreckage

Debris from what's over

The time when I loved

No more the idle rover


Ashes are better than nothing

Half a loaf better than crumbs

Yet memories burn painfully

What's forfeited still numbs


Years that went quickly

Days that ran into sand

Left poignant memories

Your soft yielding hand


That May day at the beach

Sand caugh...

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Old Flames

Shakespeare's sonnets will live forever

Wordsworth's words shall persevere

Your missives weren't so fortunate

And it won't be me that sheds a tear


Your letters are but sad ashes now

They'll not be a permanent reminder

A black and white record of passion

When I swore you couldn't be kinder


Your writing was almost compulsive

You needed to get it all off your ches...

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No Tomorrow In Your Eyes

You need hope to see a future

Without that there's only despair

That's the lesson you taught me

When you told me you didn't care


There was no tomorrow in your eyes

Only dead ashes from yesterday

There was no tomorrow in your eyes

My future's upped and flown away


Our journey's come to to dead end

I'm backed up against a concrete wall

Even now I'm hoping again...

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Atlantic Elegy

This poetical rumination reflects my own ambivalence, as an immigrant to Australia almost half a century ago, towards my Australian existence. Is one's life largely the result of mere serendipity or is it, at least partially, malleable in our own hands?


Atlantic Elegy


Shall I reject a life lead so far

from home? Or lament the existential negligence

of fifty years I did not ha...

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M A T C H S T I C K (revised)


“And to his rock be bound eternal; forever gifting man all that is infernal.
Bound by chain, suffering as the eagle’s meal; freedom bought by the one who shall steal.
Unto the eagle’s beak his blood be lash; to control he who shall become our man of ash.”

There is always blood flowing down Prometheus’ mountaintop. He who had delivered to human...

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