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‘At least your skin isn’t black’ as if that changes anything or makes it better.

I am still as foreign with my white skin. With my ‘funny sounding’ language,

in a country where people don’t understand the concept of knowing

different languages, where they know no other, except for their own.


                                             One. And only.


Where I can’t spe...

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alienAngerdeepforeignfree versemelancholy

An Ode to Trouvaille

I have always been a whole person

Please don’t let what I now describe convince you otherwise 

But I left the other part of me in foreign country 



I love the way he says my name 

With words and phrases I have heard before 

But those that have not enlightened me until now 

I can breathe around him, more than mere survival 


I met him in a world where sum...

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Atlantic Elegy

This poetical rumination reflects my own ambivalence, as an immigrant to Australia almost half a century ago, towards my Australian existence. Is one's life largely the result of mere serendipity or is it, at least partially, malleable in our own hands?


Atlantic Elegy


Shall I reject a life lead so far

from home? Or lament the existential negligence

of fifty years I did not ha...

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