May 2017 Collage poem

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Gunpowder walk around, a spark was sobbing

Underneath secrets hopping alongside humans

Inbetween trees weeping in regret


Wet willy, slippering down the slope. Pointing at

Your directionless forehead. Hop aboard the bumpy ride.

Wear a helmet. Your tongue is like a whip... but why!


Tip of the tonge. Sharp or soft

A host of feminist vegans

Lie in a pool of his own conceit


A black swan glides past the fascists naked in the head

Others are left to count the cost

Clip the garden, slash the growth


What do I know? My ideas and values,

Drag across a muddied floor.

The night is full of death and sex and taxis


I like all these photos

But I'd prefer painted pictures.


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andy n

Wed 10th May 2017 13:20

random even by our standards this one but i love it (:

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John F Keane

Wed 10th May 2017 12:58

The surf of dream breaks on the shores of fantasy.

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Nigel Astell

Tue 9th May 2017 12:56

True expression inside a fantasy dream
encounters the many thoughts of others.

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