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It Fits

It fits.
It just simply does.

My arm fits behind your head,
as we lie on the bed, in the glow.

Your head on my shoulder,
comfortable and light.

It fits.
It just does.

Staring at the ceiling;
at the cobweb on the fan.

Nobody cares. There are no thoughts,
just reverie, and peace. Just to be.

It fits.
It just fits.

This life with you,
and who we are.

This growth togeth...

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In My Life Time

In my entire life,
the worst things to come
upon me,
has come at the,
hands of respectable
people, who call themselves

It has not been,
scary men, in dark shadows.
It has not been,
those people, across the sea.
It has not been,
the conman, stealing my soul.

It has been,
men and their wives,
who own businesses,
and lands,
and courts,
and governments,
and religions,

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Finding the Deep

When the needle pricks your finger.

When you hide under the covers.

When you look under the bed.

When you go down into the basement.


When you dig up the root in the yard.

When you lay someone to rest.

When you drill to find water.

When you mine for gold.


When the sink hole collapses.

When you drop deep inside Krubera.

When Earth cracks in two and you reach t...

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Family Tree


Her wrinkled hand took hold of his

as she sang a grand old song

Her grandson  looked at it & said:

You've been in the bath too long!


She said, "Those creases are like  the circles 

within a wonderful tree!

It shows how long I've been around

How long that I've been me!"


There's a lot of creases there, Grandma

They've spread right up to your face!

I recko...

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I feel like a blank sheet of paper

White and clean

A colourless vapour

just emptiness

and nothing else

not good

or bad



nothing at all

like a black hole

it’s as if white is not a colour

it’s just

when you don’t have any

no yellow smiles

no grey trials

no tears running blue

no red beds for two

no black roses

for all the losses


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Paper cuts

Cuts from pristine crisp yellow pages 

leading to a moonlit night 

beside the waves      

with the onomatopoeia of the lapping waters 

against your feet

and the warmth from the

fire beside


Cuts from letters

not pronouncing love

but charges for services with “friendly reminder” written in red

and an occasional congratulations 

and seasonal “vote for me”s



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The Beacon


She plucked a sunbeam

one fine day

And fashioned it 

in such a way

A lighthouse man

came to say

He thought it would 

keep ships away


He took it with him

in a jar 

And there it shone

bright as a star

And all the ships 

from near and far

Flashed masthead lights

just to say Ta!


And it shone so bright

through storms & rain

A shield a...

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I Am Your Friend

I am death and I am your friend

I will be at your side when you meet your end

I’ll be there to lead you down the sacred path

You’ve always known

You must have been told

For everyone meets me in the end.


I’m not to be laughed at

And neither should you fear me

But either way you and I shall meet

Better to meet me with a smile, however worn

After all our meeting was...

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The Definition of Life

Life is incomplete

If it is defined as:

'Absent of poetry, and lack Of feelings'.

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Future Found

The colour of your shirt does not determine your standing or standard of life,

Your position within a company does not make you who you are,

When describing one's self it is hard to not chronicle ones job,

Instead regale your sole and subsequent wisdom.

The 8 to 10hours a day you spend away not looking at reflection nor self-righteous meditation can leave you impatient yet waiting and ...

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Mind Neuroplacebos

Just thinkin' of that night,

Colors of black and crimson red,

And the 5 liters of blood and byle

That I internally shed,


It's a miracle that I'm alive,

Cause I should be dead,

Battling the depression sucks,

Sometimes it's hard to get out of bed,


Only God knows the everyday duels

With the devil I fight inside my head,

The people that I've hurt,

And the thi...

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The subconsciousdepressiontraumaSpiritualitymoralsGodlifedeathwealthpoor

I Hope

I hope you'll love what's left of me

After life has had its fill

I hope you'll see in those old eyes

There's love & laughter still


I hope my skin of brittle parchment 

Can be traced by loving fingers 

I hope this weary sheet of braille 

Shows an epilogue still lingers 


I hope our hands still intertwine 

Like stars cling to the sky

I hope we waltz through amb...

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Don't ever say it's over
If we are breathing
Racing to the moonlight
Baby we are speeding

Got you from that heaven
I'll be up even for a 1000 nights
from those days to our years
Be ready we'll be taking flights

Keeping love in this young heart
as I would ever dream of
can't even close my eyes
as this reality is even better than I dreamt of

Like both sides of the sun
scorches and...

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Remember me

Remember me 

for even I'm far away 

Keeping our love alive

I'll never fade away


Think of me

Don't let it make u cry

Just a little longer 

I promise we'll eventually defy


Feel me

When scared just close ur eyes

I'll always hold u in my heart 

I'll make u fly all those skies


Believe in me

I'll be yours in all my lives

for the love we have


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It's not living if it's without you, my love

what about this feeling inside,

the warmness coming from a song by that dove.


and if it's not living if it's without you love,

then I'll keep hearing that song

Just from your dove.


*here, dove means heart.

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My princess

The feeling of grief is scary,

so do i used to think.

Seems special thinking about her up all

Can't get her out even when I blink.


                   she keeps the secret in her eyes,

                   even when she's in a hurricane.

                   doesn't let's me tangle in those sights,

                   not giving up in her arcane.



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Will you kiss me

Kiss me, will you kiss me,

Under the deep blue night,

Make it long, make it last,

Make it so right.

Embrace me, will you embrace me,

Deep in the moonlight,

Make it strong, make it warm,

Make it so tight.

Stay with me in this moment here,

Please don’t ever leave me,

Your the only girl I’ll ever want,

Yours, I shall eternally be.

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I promise

You gave me sunshine, 

when I had only rain,

You brought me happiness,

 when I only knew pain.


You gave me light, 

when darkness filled my world,

You beautified my life, 

when you became my girl.


I want to hold you in my arms,

So you can feel my heart beat.

I will embrace you so deeply,

That our two souls shall meet.


I want to kiss you so sweetly,


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I am what’s wrong with me..


I am what’s wrong with me.. 

Not the people around me.

Not my love life.

Not what I have or don’t have. 

It’s solely me.

I feel empty, like a dry river screaming and crying for some rain..

Only thing is at least the River knows what it is that it wants or need so bad. 

At least the River has a reason to shout.

Whats my reason ? 

I feel like screaming.

I feel like...

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lifesad poemsdepression


In the mirror I saw my own fragility 

Sagging contours weighed heavy by age

An arid landscape of fissures and brushland 

Time had eaten away its lustre 

Leaving a fallow space

The eyes, once sparkled crystal blue

Now faded pale & weary

I studied this ageing fossil 

This reflection of reality 

Scratching at the brushland

Wondering what time had done

with the young m...

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When I am too old for life

And life has taken all I have 

When my breath is but a shallow whisper 

And the whisper turns a winter's breeze 

When my heart quivers its last offering to time

And time graciously accepts

When my eyes forever slumber

And slumber takes my soul


I think that I shall linger still 

In the periphery of twilight's yawning


And in smiles, ...

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On Man

On Man


Like tiny ants we scurry

Between skyscrapers of grass,

Peeping about - a human worker class.

Watching ourselves surpassing all limits,

Creators of structures, cultures, unimaginable wonders.

Finding God thriving within us.


Do we think the ant knows of it’s impending mortality?

Knows it’s destined to a life of sheer ephemerality?

Or knows it’s intricate c...

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Late Night, Harbour Lights

The air is warm tonight
the sea no longer ravenous
As the shawl slips from your shoulders
there’s a feeling that breeds in us
now, we are home
or close enough

A candle flickers at every table
the seafront cafes like crooked teeth
The harbour mouth is kissing us
with its swing bridge tongue and river beneath
We feel that we are home
or close enough

Tied by these rings
and the meani...

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Keep shinning

Yea, life's indeed beautiful,

Though the acceptance is not necessary.

The situations are hurtful, 

Yet the realisation is mandatory.


Life is somehow like a fairy tale book,

Everything is going on by hook or by crook.

But after a while, take a look, 

Not mesmerized, but the beauty will leave you shooked.


Yea,your life is somewhat miserable, 

And in process of cu...

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The life of a teen

At this very moment I’m an 18 year old, from Denmark. I don’t have much idea of who I am, but as many scientists state, my brain is still under development, so I choose to believe it’s okay. I don’t really have hobby hobby, but I enjoy trying new things, and have periods of times, where I’m fixated on a certain thing and will be doing that, until I’m tired of it. It has been painting, drawing, gym...

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The Garden

The barbs of your tongue

Cut me to shreds

Unpicking my mind's 

Most delicate threads 


So I weaved myself words

From the pit of my soul 

To replace all the light

And the joy you had stole


Then I ripped myself free

From your talons of spite

Spilling ink upon page

Under dawn's weary light


And I bled, intravenous 

Through roots of my mind 


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Love & Grief

Love & grief 

Are but the same

Both distort

Your mental frame

With tears of joy

Or tears of pain

Life will never 

Be the same

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Words of Appreciation

It's that time after the entire day is over and it's dark out there so feel some calmness in your surrounding. When music takes over your every sense, and you just do what you love to do after your entire day is finished. 

Oh! don't get any other ideas, I'm just talking about your hobbies, not something that takes control over your soul. I'm not talking about 'Something' that deep, just your ho...

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lifemotivationBelieve in YourselfSelf-beliefwords of appreciationstruggle

A Single Cloud

After you were gone

My heart fell apart

A jigsaw without structure 

A mess of lonely parts


I think you took me with you

My breath, my life, my soul 

For all that remained 

Was this deep & vacant hole


One day I fell into its depths 

Without thought of return

Crumbling to a waste of ash

In my own neglected urn


But, I awoke blinking 

At the sun's ...

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Glass is full

Give the glass another glance. 

Is the glass half full . I ask every day. Was it ever full. Or am I looking askance.

What is the running all about. Days turn to years. The running looks like a stationary dance.

Life says stop running. Appreciate my beauty. Like you used to do once.

Break the shackles. Look at the glass. It was always full. Give yourself one more chance.

For, in life...

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Beyond the rolling, molten sky

There dwells a place for when we die

To be reborn in starlight's eye

 A genesis of every you & I


We'll seek out worlds yet to be seen

Become creations brightest gleam

Sew the thread within the seam

To weave new worlds of  endless dreams

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Hello again Mr. Ink

Hello again Mr. Ink,

It's been a long time and I'm kinda glad.

Everytime you come around is because things are bad.

I havn't felt the need to have you in my life.

But lately...

That desire has been back.

The need to write my feelings down. 

The need to cry as I type..

Funny how back then I worte with pen and paper with my tears runing down. 

Look at me now..

All grown...

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A Simple Question

I asked God, what is my purpose?

There was nothing, but the stillness of time

I asked Allah, what is my purpose? 

There was nothing, but the stillness of time

I asked the Buddha, what is my purpose?

There was nothing, but the stillness of time

I asked my daughter,  what is my purpose?

She said, with a wrinkled brow 

To be my Dad, of course 

To have met & married my Mam


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This Day

As we stroll,

the dusky pink of a morning sunrise 

turns the fields to candy floss. 

We get sticky and wet 

from the sweetest dew.

I stifle a yawn, 

and the softness and scent 

of moisturised skin 

briefly brushes the redness

of my sun-flushed cheek.

She smiles,

all dimples & eyes of blue serenity.

And, for a moment,

there is no world but us.


Later, w...

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I live in the spaces

Between leaving and arriving,

Jumping and landing,

Fearing and surviving.

(Clutching my duffel bag on the bus

To dreaded childhood swimming lessons.)

Half asleep, half awake.

Tests all done, results await.

Sweet honeyed pause before

The axe falls, the hospital calls.

Racing mind, facing blind panic, the reels that wind.


Life in...

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Happy alone although not physically alone 

Just two repellent magnets incompatible forces

Fighting to pull closer but no efforts could make the scientifically impossible...possible 

Not in those circumstances at that time 

The facts were just the facts

Unsigned unwritten laws bound by unspoken pacts 

Small print unread but thankfully unsigned 

Well technically 

Just not sys...

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Monumentaltransformative poemcodedlovepoetryheartsoul matemeaningpoetrytoxicrelationshipsLifeRealpaintransform

A slow Turtle

A slow turtle, with a heavy back.

Wanted to sprint like the dotted cat.

He was sad because he didn't know his limits,

Devastated after seeing the results of his speed per minute.


Poor turtle knew a little about himself

Grew up among cheetah, thinking he was one self.

Speed was thing where he wanted to be the best.

Without even enjoying the process itself.


He could...

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slow and fastfastslowturtlescheetahcatlifetryingbeyourselfdifferentgoalsGod


charcoal toothpaste. 
teeth whitening strips. 
water on a bathroom floor muddied with muttered songs. 
cans of who and why on a windowsill. 
forehead sweat. made to stick fringes.
quick to anger. founded in a parent not so unlike. 
jerking awake. jolting asleep. comfort nul. 
calm mornings when the sun alarms. 
evil feelings when green and yellow lie dormant. 
stuttered uttered eye contac...

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poemprosepoetryselfteenagegirlhoodwomanhoodlovelifelearningacceptancewritingnon fiction

Just me and I

I live in a land On a bank Looking over an ocean I live in a land Where my future Is always bright But never clear On that bank I sit there thinking Wondering why The sun never quite sets Looiking at that ocean I see nothing Nothing but space I live in a land Where space is close Enough to reach From my bank All it takes Is one short walk ...

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The Breeze of Life

The breeze of lust
flows through the forest
of my heart
like a fallen ember
igniting the soul
of souls
housed within the growth
that has been my shield
The breeze of love
coalesces from the ocean
of my mind
like a gentle touch
filling my soul
of souls
housed within the depth
that has been my home
The breeze of lust
The breeze of love
together form one
to become
The breeze of li...

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The Waves of Life

A child is born, a new and different soul

Who enters into changing waves of life

That carry him from birth until his death

Through sorrow, joy, despair and happiness.


The childhood starts as blessing and great joy

For caring parents that are nurturing

Before emerging in the cruel world

Where people always want what others have.


As growing up, the goals are aiming ...

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My life seems all about living in shadows broken words wounded heart thoughts that have turned hollow At every age the shadows returns From care to fear they keep turns

They are sometimes my friend sometimes my foe sometimes they are just living next door

Though these shadows do come handy at times When we need them they do just fine At times they are a heavy burden At time...

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Every Night

Every night I have this dream me and you walking down the stream 

hand in hand down the narrow path your words resonates in my heart 

we talk about here and now ,past ,present and future somehow 

suddenly you stare at me asking why me

 neither I am rich neither I am poor but somewhere in between dear

neither my looks are worth a dime

 so why do you give me so much time ?


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As I Progress Through Life

As I progress through this thing called life,

I detach more and more from strife.

I rejoice in simple pleasures taught,

Because I fill my heart with love sought.


I still my mind and meditate,

Searching the universe in an ethereal state.

The peace I gain keeps me balanced and sane,

Ascending above this mortal plain.


The more I learn about this station,

The more ...

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my lifelifelife's reflection

In the world of her

On the threshold she stood,

Of the house where her life smiled.

Waving wildly her small arms at him,

Of whom she was the only child.


Inside sat the lady of the house,

Silencing her sobs and drinking up her tears.

Careful not to let the the happy bird know,

Chasing her was the worst of her fears.


All laiden with arms covered under his coat,

To not let the little...

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war to peaceinnocencepeacelifehumanityloveukraineRussiacrisisworld wars

Oh, Poor Life!

Life is as tear drops of the morning.
When the sun throws its warm kiss
Away to the drop,
It becomes an invisible entity.

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The Real Definition of Life

Life is a little shining star
That you can't define so far,
Life is a mirror lucid and clear
If broken, you can't feel her!

Like a dream life is fairy
Seeing it, oh, so scary!
Life is an extreme pain unhurt
As if it looks like an invisible art.

Life is darkness of the night
And the burning light of the sight,
Oh, life is a little shining star
That you can't define so far!

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Kachō-Ōji (課長王子)

Close your eyes,

It's okay you won’t feel the pain anymore.


Close your eyes,

You can rest, no more fatigue or feeling sore.


Close your eyes, 

This will be quicker than waiting for a cure.


Close your eyes,

It's time to meet the Angel of Death to relieve you from all that you've endured.

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Come Back to Me

You cannot change the world,

but you may be able to be an

influence in someones world.

The world is wild and unruly.

Chaotic in nature. But you

can make  a difference each

moment to feel into its texture

with your touch. It won’t be much,

but maybe it is just enough.

it is all you can do in the face

of the storm that matters.


Live it. Live it for those who can...

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mental healthlife


You’re right

3 years ago, I viewed frogs as aliens

Now I wonder whether they’re angels

Months ago, I hated the sound of songbirds

Now I write their songs

I tweet along

Everything I did, I did do

It still was

Even if it no longer is

Whatever I am

I still am what I was

Even if I no longer am

You’re right

I was right and now I’m left

But the person I was hasn...

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