I Hope

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I hope you'll love what's left of me

After life has had its fill

I hope you'll see in those old eyes

There's love & laughter still


I hope my skin of brittle parchment 

Can be traced by loving fingers 

I hope this weary sheet of braille 

Shows an epilogue still lingers 


I hope our hands still intertwine 

Like stars cling to the sky

I hope we waltz through amber fields

'Til time sings our goodbye 


I hope you'll be there by my side

Your head upon my shoulder 

Just two old souls in twilight's eye

Embracing life, 'til winds turn colder


◄ Goodbye

Never heard of this fella, but I'll give it a try.. ►


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Kevin Tan

Thu 29th Sep 2022 16:50

Your poetry is lovely. And I find it very hard to write lovely poems

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 28th Sep 2022 20:55

Thank you John. I don't realise I'm sentimental until a write something down and it turns out like this! And I love Bukowski! Thanks
And thank you very much Kevin! Although what you can learn off my stuff I can't imagine!

Just popping in & out of WOL at the min as I'm trying to compile a book to publish on kindle...

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Kevin Tan

Wed 28th Sep 2022 10:26

You prove to me that poetry 2022 is still relevant
I wanna learn from you more.

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John Marks

Tue 27th Sep 2022 21:14

I, too, am an unashamed sentimentalist (my favourite prose writer is Charlie Dickens) and I found your poem very and truly touching.

“I drive around the streets
an inch away from weeping,
ashamed of my sentimentality and
possible love.”
― Charles Bukowski, Love Is a Dog from Hell

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 22nd Sep 2022 17:09

Thank you Brenda for the very flattering comment! And Graham & John.
In a reflective mood lately! I did show 'the wife' this one and she said... unlikely! 😂
And thank you for taking the time to read & like, always appreciated 🌈

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John Botterill

Thu 22nd Sep 2022 15:27

Lovely affectionate poetry, Stephen. 😀

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 21st Sep 2022 23:12

Words that those of us of a certain age and long tenure often think but never say.

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Brenda Wells

Wed 21st Sep 2022 22:58

Another brilliant and sensitive poem.
Every word well chosen and brimming with emotion.
Excellently crafted.

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 19th Sep 2022 21:30

Thank you Greg, Flynt, Julie, Jennifer & Stephen for your lovely comments! 🌈
And K. Lynn, Adam & Tom for the Likes 🌷

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 19th Sep 2022 17:44

I would echo what the others said - very moving and a delightful read, Stephen.

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jennifer Malden

Mon 19th Sep 2022 16:57

Loved ' I hope you 'll love what's left of me'. Beautiful poem, and growing old together so well expressed.

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julie callaghan

Mon 19th Sep 2022 14:50

Another beautiful write. 🙏

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Mon 19th Sep 2022 14:31

I really like " two old souls in twilight's eye" - thats the club that I belong to - it's well worth waiting for. Thank you for this one.

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Greg Freeman

Mon 19th Sep 2022 13:08

A very touching and loving poem, Stephen.

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