Late Night, Harbour Lights

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The air is warm tonight
the sea no longer ravenous
As the shawl slips from your shoulders
there’s a feeling that breeds in us
now, we are home
or close enough

A candle flickers at every table
the seafront cafes like crooked teeth
The harbour mouth is kissing us
with its swing bridge tongue and river beneath
We feel that we are home
or close enough

Tied by these rings
and the meaning of this thing
we’re bound now in our journey
seas and sunsets, tears and terror
I long to treasure and to explore
the universe inside of you

In my hand, I now find yours
such a sweet relief
the reassuring touch of home
now close enough

Late night, harbour lights
dancing on the water
This love now blankets us
And our kiss… our kiss…
we’ve never tasted anything like this
The feeling spills from every pore
O, we’re both home
now close enough…



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Thu 17th Nov 2022 23:14

Now with audio... 💪

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Tue 23rd Aug 2022 09:52

Thanks so much for the comment Stephen. I was aiming to create a little poetic 'photograph' of newly weds by the sea. I'd been saving it for a while as I thought I'd probably end up rewriting it so as to rhyme but I decided it was fine how it originally came out.

And thank you Frederick, John C, Stephen G, Stephen A, Julie, Holden, Clare and K Lynn for reading and all the 'likes' 😀

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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 19th Aug 2022 17:05

A wonderful atmospheric piece, Tom

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