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always moving, dont get too attached.

immediately after i finish a book i have to start another. 


rinse and repeat. always moving. don’t get too attached. 


i worry that if i don’t pick up another book immediately i may never do so again

i fear i’ll become forever lost in the chasm 

grasping for characters who’s stories have ended and unable to move onto the next

if i didn’t fear the nothingness i could learn m...

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Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns


Somewhere off the data highway

Quite close to router sixty-six

There lies a ghost town of splintered glass

A graveyard of useless stones and bricks


This is where the glitterati lived

They used to come in rumbling hoards

Stumbling through automatic doors

they walked the aisles of shiny floors


Nothing there now but skeletal racks

Dust settled ...

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It’s a nagging,

A light tug of the sleeve on a cold day,

It reminds you it’s there with

Every quiet evening and cancelled plan

If you close your eyes you can feel

It stronger, engulfing you with its words

And its touch, filling your soul with the

Dirty sludge it flourishes within. 

It follows you while you walk from

Street to street, from room to room,

And taunts you ...

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Like abandoned papers...

Just as the wind barges in,

seeping into nature,

I feel a sudden breeze wrap me up in sadness


Shattered by the dead weight of indifference, 

I fall like a leaf from a shaken tree


I descend into an abyss where time no longer exists; 

only emptiness and fear


The night pulls me down,

I find myself in a net of darkness,

immersed in my childhood memories,


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Grand betrayal

You're reaching out.

You're pleading.

Hands to the sky,

Heavy heart beating.

Knees to the ground,

And the rain falls.

Peace couldn't be found,

So you put up these walls.

In an empty broken place,

Never a smile on your pained face...

And you let the darkness sink in,

When all you needed was ONE friend,

But time and time, over again,

No one was there for you in...

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Imaginary Confrontation

What was going through your head?

What was running through your mind?

It's the one thing I'll never understand;

How you could just walk away and leave me behind


Didn't leave a trace, no reason to be found.

Just taken away and never reunited.

Do you understand the pain I've written across my heart;

When you took away from me, everything I had.


I was just a child, I...

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