Ghost Towns

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Ghost Towns


Somewhere off the data highway

Quite close to router sixty-six

There lies a ghost town of splintered glass

A graveyard of useless stones and bricks


This is where the glitterati lived

They used to come in rumbling hoards

Stumbling through automatic doors

they walked the aisles of shiny floors


Nothing there now but skeletal racks

Dust settled on the empty tills

The ghosts of Maude and Elsie

The faint aroma of perfume spills


You might catch the glimpse of shop workers

In the broken dirty glass

Of counter tops and changing room mirrors

A chilling glimpse of Christmas past


When the fat rat left the sinking shop

And took this cities beating heart

He never once looked back in shame

At the forsaken empty shopping cart


The fillip of Green and filthy lucre

Mixed with mildew and grime

When the coward left the building

Sacrificing employees for a dime


Here is where the threads unwound

Where all that’s left are useless rags

Desolation Boulevard

Of broken dreams and empty shopping bags


Somewhere on the data highway

A fashionista buys here clothes

Over the hill from router sixty-six

She wonders where that old trail goes

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Ian Whiteley

Mon 14th Dec 2020 16:48

thanks for the kind comments lads - glad you liked it 😃

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 3rd Dec 2020 15:42

This is a really well thought out piece Ian, with some brilliant language sprinkled through it. The Christmas Carol analogy is right on the money.
Sadly places like Amazon wouldn't exist if we didn't use them. I live near the glitzy Milton Keynes Shopping Centre and I have to admit (even though I am not the most avid shopper) I only use about 4 or 5 of the array of shops within it. I mean just how many shoes, greetings cards, mobile phones, does anyone need.

Fillip of Green.......priceless!!!

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