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Poetry is a Mediocre Diary

There is no good way to really start a poem
and by far
This is the third time I've tried to find a line to begin this
Which will never be the line that could best cooperate with myself
to get what I want. 


So I could start my push
into talking about several things
Like how literary poetry is so different in nature to slam poetry, and why I think
both are good
But one is fine art,...

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AbuseConnor LannesconsiderationDiarydomestic abuseThoughts

I cant run away from it

I won't run away from it
No matter how deep the shit
I swear that I'll never quit
I'll be here til the end of it

Skin that is bruising
Scars I'm not loosing 
A time in my life where all I've seen abusing
Whip me, break me, beat me until I'm oozing
I'll still get up
Its my life your not choosing.

I make the choice to stay and endure
I make the choice because she is so pure
I'll take the...

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afraiddomestic abusefamilyhurtlove

Growing Up

I am fifteen years old and I think I own the world.

I have a boyfriend and he loves me.

He yells at me but that is okay, he loves me.

He shoves me but that is okay, he loves me.

He slapps me but that is okay, he loves me.

He holds me down as I yell and scream because it hurts but that is okay, he loves me.


I am sixteen years old and I escaped my first abusive relationship.


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abusedomestic abusegrowinggrowing olderinternal struggleslam poetry

Last orders

entry picture


So I was standing at the bar

not paying due attention, drinking double Jameson's 

for my happiness extension.


I see the bar-girl fix on me

with sadness in her eyes, scared of someone close to her,

she's shrinking deep inside.


And there the owner was

stood watching just behind, sneering Billy Tawdry,

he’s the handy nasty kind.


Then I see it clear as da...

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abuse in the work placedomestic abuseharassmentInternational women's dayviolence


‘It’s my skin,’ she said,

But he still shook his head.

Did she not understand

The risk entailed? Once the

Fine pale surface was broken,

There was no going back.

The permanency of a foreign body

Worming its way beneath

Her flesh - this he could not 

Permit. For her own good.


Though he paid no heed

To the multicoloured rings

And patterns that each faded


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domestic abusedomestic violencewomenwomens rights

Happy Valentine's Day

They can now breed blue roses, and breed blue violets too;

Horticultural references don’t quite fit the array of hues.

Yet they are not concerned with, perhaps never knew

Of the silent ones whose spouses leave them black and blue.



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domestic abuseirony

Did you ever really love me?

entry picture

Did you ever really love me?

If you're told you're worthless so many times you start to believe it

I believed it

I am ashamed that I let it go on for so long

The snide remarks

The insults

The oppressive atmosphere


I couldn't go out on my own

Couldn't be trusted you said

I had never done anything to justify this


It's the small things that add up

We never h...

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