the mask

powdered, light-tinted dust strokes the crevices of her porcelain face.

red liquid plasters the outside of her perfectly shaped lips.

black goo strikes the thick corners of her luscious eyelashes.


the girl staring back at her she does not recognize.

Perfect. Beautiful. Good. the voices in her head say.

A faint smile warms her face;

painted, covered, and disguised in the lies she deceives herself of.


behind her perfectly, beautiful smile she hides;

the lust in his eyes, the anger in his heart, the fire in his fist.


the pain deavours her soul, day in and day out;

she conceals the agonizing torture that cuts through her bruised flesh.

Never fighting his big, strong hands like a toy doll---

Still. Obedient. Silent.


Grabbing. Kicking. Screaming.

Grabbing. Kicking. Screaming.

Grabbing. Kicking. Screaming.

the cycle never ends.


enslaved to the one she once loved.

trapped in her own personal hell.

no way out. Stranded. Alone. Forever.


until she sees the light;

beautiful, luminous, braided strands of hope.

there the rope, lays in awe of her blameless ice blue eyes;

calling her name.


closer and closer she falls.

until---she finally slips.

Strangled. Cold. Relieved.

happy at last.


free from all her sorrows,

all her pain

free from everything.


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Brooke E Addison

Sun 18th Nov 2018 01:57

thank you all so much! i really appreciate the positive feed back?

Big Sal

Fri 16th Nov 2018 12:55

Great analogy of the porcelain masks, my mother loves those things. Humbling sentiment.?

Profile image

Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 15th Nov 2018 18:47

So well worded the utter pain and hopelessness is palpable...❤

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